Investment dictionary

 „Safety” – it is a concept represented by a number of stars. The more stars an investment has, the safer it is. Explanation of terms represented by the stars:

  • „Regular customer” – a Borrower who received at least one loan and repaid it.
  • „Timeliness” – a Borrower who received one or more loans which were repaid on time or earlier.
  • „Trust” – a Borrower who does not have any negative entries in bank and non-bank institutions according to the Credit Information Bureau (BIK).
  • „Guarantor” – means the credit agreement was signed also by a Guarantor. The guarantor responds to the Investor as a co-debtor, significantly reducing the risk.
  • „Bill of exchange” – means that a blank bill of exchange signed by the Borrower is attached to the loan agreement, which is an effective form of a security measure.


„You invest” - means transfer of funds to the Look Pożyczka account and the real acquisition of rights on the basis of the assignment of debt agreement.


„Repayment amount” - the amount of money that will be transferred to the investor’s account during the loan repayment period. The repayment period is counted from the date of booking of funds in Look Pożyczka bank account.


„You earn” - the amount the investor will earn by purchasing the rights to the loan in question. This amount is taxable.


„Collected” - the amount that was collected by our consultants for the Investor in relation to the loans in which he or she invested the funds.


„Profit” -the real percentage of revenue in terms of the duration of the loan. The percentage profit is calculated from the amount that can be found under the term "you invest".